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From the beaches of Long Island, New York, to the Mr. America stage with Integrity

I can remember John's parents having him hit muscle poses in his "Future Mr. America" diapers down on the beach when he was a little boy. Who knew that it was already in John's heart to do just that...actually become Mr. America. On April 20th, 2013 he became the oldest Mr. America of all time at 48!

John has spent his entire adult life showing others how to get in their best shape possible. Teaching, training, and giving to others are some of the gifts and talents that John operates in right here, through the pages of MrAmericaHeart.com. I have witnessed him communicating with those gifts and talents for many years on his way to becoming one of the best trainers of our time!

John often uses the phrase "From my HEART to you!", and I can verify that when he does, he sincerely means it.

--Uncle "T" 




The CW Network

"The High Intensity Trainer" John Heart

FOX 11 Los Angeles

"The 20 Minute Power Workout Guy for Women" John Heart


Mr America John Heart



2012 Lt Heavy winner

2013 Lt Heavy & Overall winner


2001 Tall Class winner

Professional Natural Bodybuilder 

World Natural Bodybuilding Federation​

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