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Considered by John to be the most complete written work that he's done on achieving your best shape possible.

A "must-have" for trainees at ANY level from beginning to advanced...

In Physique 101, John offers the benefit of his training and eating wisdom to the reader who wants to achieve their best shape in the shortest time possible. The multitude of exercise photos along with descriptions guarantees success.

In addition, Physique 101 outlines workout routines, how to achieve peak condition by a certain date PLUS how to reverse-diet/cardio your way out of it.

Includes preventative exercises & stretches for long term health.

Download, 104 pgs.

Hardcopy can be bought at 

Physique 101 (ներբեռնում)

  • Բոլոր վաճառքի վերջնական

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