4 consecutive weeks of online training & coaching from Mr America John Heart.

Customized training & eating program specifically tailored to your goals, history, physical abilities, and time frame.

Online Training/Diet

  • All communication is done via email.

    This is not a cut/paste training program, but one that takes into consideration your unique goals, ability, and history.

    Program is 4 consecutive weeks from date of John's initial email containing your custom program.

    -weekly check-ins for accountability and any necessary program changes

    -balanced eating programs

    -estimate of how long it will take to achieve goals

    -proven training programs that require minimal gym time

    *If competing in a bodybuilding competition, price will vary. Please go to the CONTACT US page with your competition date for more info

    *All Sales Final*

    No Refunds of any kind (prorated or other) are offered in consideration of the nature of business.

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